Our Rental Spaces

RV Storage Features

Preeminent Security: state-of-the-art security systems to protect your RV while it is parked at one of our storage facilities. Our RV storage facilities have security cameras strategically located throughout the properties. Many have advanced systems such as motion detection lighting and 24-hour recorded video surveillance.

Secure Electronic Gate Access: Metro customers are given a unique access code to enter our storage facilities through an electronic gate keypad. At select locations, the PIN also activates an individually alarmed storage unit or area, which adds another layer of security to storage units and RV parking spaces.

Clean, Well-Maintained Facilities: We set the bar high—Our storage facilities are clean, well-maintained, and ready to impress whenever you visit.

Resident Property Managers: We value you and your belongings, and we put you first in everything we do. Many of our storage facilities have property managers who live on the premises and care for their storage facilities as if they were their homes.

Starting as low as $40 per month,  When you use our facility, your RV is out of your driveway, no longer annoying your neighbors, but always available for your next vacation.